Rep. Steve Riggs will not seek re-election in 2018

01/05/2018 03:45 PM

After 26 years in the General Assembly, Rep. Steve Riggs, D-Louisville, is announcing he will not seek re-election to his seat this year.

Riggs, who was the former longtime chair of the House Local Government Committee, made the announcement noting he was wrapping up his term of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators.

“I just finished my elected term as President of a 50-state organization, the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL),” he said. “For about 20 years I was chairman of the Local Government Committee which passed many new laws to improve cities and counties and help them become better at delivering services.”

Democratic candidate Josie Raymond, of Louisville, has been active since last year building a campaign for the seat. She filed for office in December of 2017.

Nick Storm

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  • Ricky Lee Williams Jr. wrote on January 06, 2018 11:57 AM :

    I don’t like hearing this news. Between Steve Riggs and Jim Wayne, Louisville, and the whole state, is losing good representatives and a wealth of knowledge and goodwill. Rep. Steve Riggs has been good for the state. It is hard, when you are a centrist, today, in politics. Riggs is a proud democrat, but most of his views represent a lot of people like me on the other side.

    Thursday night I was talking to a friend on his way back to his apartment. He said that after this week, he is rethinking whether he wants to run again. I told him all the reasons I would like for him to run and that he should run, but Frankfort is a mess today, just like Washington. I am assuming there are many more members of the General Assembly, who are contemplating over the weekend, if they want any more of this. It is just my luck that the ones I want to stay are getting out, and the ones I don’t care too much for, you can’t get rid of.

    To Rep. Steve Riggs, two things I would like for you to help with, in your final year. We have to figure out a way to help the KSP. This is a major problem that doesn’t get much attention, and in a lot of ways, shouldn’t. Most of the issues should be handled out of public view. You are well aware of the issues. KSP is the primary law enforcement for eastern and western Kentucky communities. The big cities use their police departments for law enforcement needs, but where the smaller counties don’t have the budget, without the KSP responding, there is no one else to respond. The funding has been the major issue, but we cannot leave out the lack of proper management at the top of the KSP, in rank and file positions, for far too long. There are people who need to go. We need to bring in new people, with new ideas, and new thought processes, who will implement needed changes. You have men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving the Commonwealth and the citizens, in a high stress environment. We have allowed a few to stay around too long, and it has jeopardized the whole agency. They and their families deserve better, from not only the General Assembly but also from their own command structure, and from the citizens.

    The last one is something I have talked about for years and have gotten nowhere, nor will I. We are not going to be able to contract these 120 counties. But, we can push for more counties to implement agreements similar to the Tri-County up in northern Kentucky, with Boone, Kenton, and Campbell counties. It seems to work well with their inter-county agreements, and it frees up millions of dollars in a time, where we need every dollar spent as wisely as possible. Anything you can do to help with this on your way out, is greatly appreciated.

    Friends, losing Riggs and Wayne is going to come with a cost next year. You don’t just show up in Frankfort and take off. It just doesn’t work that way. Although both of them are on the other side of the aisle, I have great respect for each of their tenures and their works over the years. I tell people that I can’t reach the 15% on the far right, nor can I reach the 15% on the far left. The silent majority is the 70% in the middle, who have D’s and R’s by their names. Just as the middle class is being eroded, in front of our eyes, so are the leaders who try to bring all sides together but get drowned out by the noise of those just trying to make a stink and not concerned about making good policy. This trend has been coming for years. It is making it harder and harder to get things done and to get the right people recruited to get involved in the process. RL

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