Rep. Rick Rand says House Democrats to assume new role as they fall to the minority

12/23/2016 02:30 PM

FRANKFORT – Rep. Rick Rand, D-Bedford, who has served in the House since 2003, says that Democrats will transfer from a policy making caucus to loyal opposition when they arrive in Frankfort in the minority for the first time in 95 years.

Rand has chaired the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee, but that will end in 2017 as the GOP now holds a 64-36 majority.

“You know, I think we will still defend the things that we’ve defended all along, you know, working people, public education, jobs and creating a climate to create jobs in Kentucky,” Rand said.

Rand acknowledges that it will be different with Democrats no longer calling most of the shots in committees but still believes that his party will still be heard from.

“I think has a committee chair and a sub committee chair, we have an in depth understanding of what the issues are, how the process works, and I think we will continue to fight and work very hard for those issues to the Democratic Party.

Rand fully expects House Republicans to push issues that Democrats have blocked in past sessions.

“I think right to work is going to be a primary issue for them,” Rand said. “I don’t know why we have to attack labor in terms of the cost of doing business but that’s what the Republican majority chooses to do. I think Republicans have run a long time on these very divisive social issues and its’ hard for me to believe that the people of have advocated those, in particular, The Family Foundation, will let the Republican Party fall back on their promises to push those social issues. So, I think there will be a whole host of those social issues during this session and the long session next year.”


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