Rep. Montell pledges to renew push for charter schools in 2013

06/21/2012 04:23 PM

After years of calling for a hearing in the House on allowing charter schools, Republican Rep. Brad Montell of Shelbyville finally got it — but asked the education committee chairman not to call it for a vote.

Montell said the votes weren’t there to pass it and didn’t want to deal the issue a long-term setback.

He said on Pure Politics this month that he will renew his push to allow charter schools and explained why he believed they would be another tool to help Kentucky’s education system.

Charter schools would set up to operate outside of standard education guidelines, which Montell said would allow those schools to be more flexible with the curriculum, length of school day or school year calendar. (3:30)

But skeptics have said charter schools could weaken public education and divert resources from regular public schools. Montell acknowledged that teachers’ unions have opposed charter schools — chief among them is the Jefferson County Teachers Association — because charter schools would requiring breaking the collective bargaining agreement. (2:40)

(Programming note: Education Commissioner Terry Holliday is scheduled to be on Pure Politics Friday, 7 p.m. EST and again at 11:30 p.m. EST).


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