Rep. James Comer says $12B in emergency aid for farmers needed for market stability

07/25/2018 06:21 PM

The Trump administration says they’ll be rolling out $12 billion in emergency aid aimed at helping farmers struggling as a result of the global trade fight. President Trump is defending the tariffs, saying they’re about forcing other countries to sign on to better trade agreements.

Some lawmakers on Capitol Hill are firing back, likening it to welfare for farmers and a bailout. U.S. Senator Rand Paul tweeted that tariffs “punish” American consumers and producers.

U.S. Congressman and former Kentucky agriculture commissioner James Comer disagrees with Paul and discussed the move with Washington D.C. bureau reporter Eva McKend.

What does this 12 billion dollar package of emergency aid for farmers mean for Kentuckians?

Is Senator Paul’s assessment of all this accurate? Is this welfare for farmers?

But Congressman how could you pat the president on the back when it’s arguably his policy that created the problem?

So it sounds like it’s not that you are not afraid to criticize the President, it sounds like you agree with his trade policy despite the consequences?


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