Rep. Andy Barr asks tv stations to pull ad he says is false

09/13/2018 04:30 PM

LEXINGTON- Lexington Congressman, Andy Barr, has contacted all four Lexington television stations – asking them to stop running a commercial he says isn’t true.

The ad, called “Payday” is funded by the political action group, With Honor Fund, which is registered with the Federal Election Commission.
That group supports veteran candidates who take their pledge to put “principles before politics.”
In the ad, With Honor accuses Barr of supporting a bill, H.R. 10 , saying the bill puts military at risk of predatory loans.

A spokesperson from For Honor said, “Congressman Andy Barr doesn’t dispute the facts in our ad that he would let payday lenders take advantage of our troops. This really hurts veterans in Kentucky and Congressman Barr needs to own up to his record.”
In Barr’s letter to the television stations, as well as his statement, he says that the bill referenced in the ad wouldn’t have taken away protections for military when it comes to payday loans.
Section 733 of that bill says that federal authorities “may not exercise any rulemaking, enforcement or other authority with respect to payday loans, vehicle title loans or other similar loans.”
In his letter to the stations, Barr doesn’t dispute that, but says the previously enacted Military Lending Act from 2006 would protect military from predatory lenders.
In the letter to the television stations, Barr’s attorney, Chris Ashby wrote, “The Military Lending Act was the law of the land prior to the introduction of the Financial CHOICE Act, and would remain so if the Financial CHOICE Act were to become law.”
Barr has tweeted about the ad, calling For Honor, a “dark money” group.

A spokeperson from For Honor denied that, saying “With Honor is not a dark money group. We are registered w/ the FEC and disclose both our donors and spending. With Honor is a veterans organization that supports principled veterans on both sides who want to fix our broken politics.”
“Congressman Barr’s dedication to our veterans is indisputable, and dark money from outside groups cannot change that,” said Jodi Whitaker, communications director for Congressman Barr. “Congressman Barr has gone above and beyond to make sure our veterans are taken care of, and in spite of desperate attempts by Amy McGrath and her allies to undermine that, Congressman Barr is confident that the voters of the Sixth Congressional District will see through the baseless attacks and continue to support his hard work on behalf of our veterans.”
Amy McGrath’s campaign said they played no part in making the ad in question, and did not consult on the ad. McGrath’s Communications Director Mark Nickolas said, “They are running an independent expenditure, so there has been zero communication with them, as the law requires.”
Ashby ended his letter to the television stations, writing “At your earliest convenience, please let me know whether your station will remove “We Respect Our Troops” from rotation, or whether we will need to take further action to ensure that With Honor Fund does not continue airing false advertising and misleading the voters of Kentucky’s Sixth Congressional District. If you seek substantiation from With Honor Fund for the claim at issue, I request the opportunity to review and respond to whatever “proof” With Honor Fund offers.”


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