REAL ID "Hitleristic" GOP House candidate says

10/18/2016 03:46 PM

Republican House candidate Dan Johnson disagrees with the post 9-11 move for states to update driver’s licenses in an effort to curb terrorists’ ability to evade detection by using fraudulent identification, so much so that he is invoking Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Johnson, a pastor of the Heart of Fire Church in Southeast Louisville and candidate for the 49th District House seat, said he understands why Congress made the move to update identification documents in 2005, but hopes Congress will roll back the law first recommended in the 9-11 Commission Report.

“I am hoping that the Senate, the Congress, I am hoping that we’ll back away from this — this is something that really is Hitleristic,” Johnson said in a phone interview with Pure Politics.

The candidate was in New York City in 2001, and said he watched as United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the World Trade Center’s South Tower. In the year’s following the attack on American soil, Johnson said he thinks Congress has gone too far in taking away freedoms adding instituting REAL ID is one more example of that.

“I think we are very heavy on government right now,” he said. “We are losing all of our privacy. I am very, very big on freedom and I think the more you involve government the less freedom we as American citizens have.”

Johnson said laws and initiatives enacted post 9-11 were for “all the right reasons,” but were likely a “knee jerk reaction to 9/11.”

The Kentucky General Assembly passed a law during the 2016 regular session to comply with the federal guidelines of REAL ID at Gov. Matt Bevin’s urging. However, Bevin vetoed that legislation in April, and now Kentucky is out-of-compliance under the law.

Lawmakers say they can return to Frankfort in 2017 and pass the legislation again, but they’ll need enough votes and Governor willing to sign such a law.

Beginning in January of 2017 some federal facilities such as military installations, and all nuclear power plants will not accept Kentucky identification. In January of 2018 that the Transportation Security Administration will stop accepting non-compliant state identification to board domestic flights.

For now, Johnson hopes Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will win the election and he will halt the identification switch.

“What needs to happen is Donald Trump needs to win the presidency and this ruling and act needs to be totally overturned,” he said.

Johnson faces Rep. Linda Belcher, D-Shepherdsville, in the Nov. 8 election.


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