Rand Paul's campaign spending includes bonus, supporter list but not BP gas

07/21/2010 01:01 PM

UPDATED: The consulting firm for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul got a $25,000 bonus for helping Paul become the GOP nominee. Paul spent more than $9,000 renting supporter lists from the campaign of his father, former presidential candidate Ron Paul.

And the younger Paul, despite expressing hope for British Petroleum’s survival as a company, hasn’t stopped by a BP station since the spill.

All those spending patterns were disclosed as part of Paul’s most recent campaign finance report filed last week to the Federal Election Commission, which posted the report online Wednesday.

The report for his Democratic opponent, Jack Conway, wasn’t available on the FEC’s website as of noon Wednesday.

Here’s some highlights of Paul’s spending:

  • A $25,000 bonus was paid to Strategy Group for Media for a “contractual bonus for primary victory” on June 11.
  • Even though Paul has repeatedly said he hoped British Petroleum remained in business so it can pay for the Gulf of Mexico oil blowout, Paul’s campaign hasn’t been filling up at BP stations. Paul campaign reported fill-ups at about a dozen gas stations mostly at Shell, Marathon and Speedways. Most were in Kentucky, one was in Texas and another was in Ohio.
  • Jesse Benton, Paul’s campaign manager since June, was paid $4,900 on May 4 and then saw an increase in salary after Paul named him manager. Benton received $12,450 on June 7.
  • Meanwhile, David Adams, who went from campaign manager to campaign chairman to leaving the campaign altogether, was paid $10,000 a day after Paul’s primary victory. Adams told cn|2 Politics that the $10,000 was his bonus payment for Paul’s primary win. But After changing roles to chairman, Adams was still paid $8,000 — the same monthly rate as when he served as campaign manager — on June 14.
  • Speaking of Paul’s primary victory, his primary party at the Bowling Green Country Club cost him $6,466.
  • In addition to TV ads, Paul spent $6,372 on an ad in the Lexington Herald-Leader’s voter’s guide. And radio ads featuring Focus on the Family founder James Dobson — who switched his endorsement to Paul after originally supporting Trey Grayson in the primary — cost the campaign $11,448. Dobson explained his switch by saying he was “tricked” by unnamed Republicans, which caused a stir in the waning days of the primary.
  • Looking for more fund-raising support, Paul looked to his father, Texas Rep. Ron Paul for help from his father’s fund-raising supporters list, renting the lists twice: once for $4,600 and another for $4,800. Paul also rented a supporter list from M & H Enterprises for $11,000.
  • One price of running in a Republican primary is hitting the Lincoln Day dinner circuit. Paul’s campaign spent $1,305 for tickets to various Republican Lincoln Day Dinners across the state. And entrance to the Kentucky Derby cost Paul $598.

– Kenny Colston


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