Rand Paul: Women won the war on women

01/26/2014 08:35 AM

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul suggested that Republicans need to do a better job to counter Democrats’ narrative of there being a “war on women” by, for instance, declaring victory for women and moving on.

“If there was a war on women, I think they won,” Paul said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday when asked about former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huackabee’s controversial comments about how Republicans should engage on the issue.

“I see women rising up and doing great things. And in fact, I worry about our young men sometimes because I think the women really are out-competing the men in our world,” Paul said Sunday.

But Paul declined to engage on an attempt at a question on regulation of abortion, saying “I try to never have discussions of anatomy unless I’m at a medical conference.”

In advance of President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, Paul suggested the president focus on potential areas of agreement, such as certain aspects of immigration reform and taxing American companies’ overseas profits to fund infrastructure programs.

Overall, though, “Meet the Press” host David Gregory got very little news out of Paul, asking mostly political reaction questions instead of about issues.

He asked Paul about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (Paul deflected) and to respond to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s dismissive comments about Paul’s father, former presidential candidate Ron Paul.

“Don’t trash my dad. He’s my dad,” Paul protested before explaining how his father’s brand of libertarianism helped connect him with groups that weren’t traditionally aligned with Republicans. The younger Paul has said he wants to expand on that.

In fact, that was the theme of a profile of Paul on the front page of Sunday’s New York Times — an article in which Mitt Romney called Paul a “credible national candidate.”

And Gregory followed up on a statement Paul’s wife, Kelley, made in a Vogue profile about Bill Clinton. Rand Paul told Gregory that when it comes to the Clintons, Americans should keep in mind the actions of Bill Clinton with former White House intern Monica Lewinski.

“He took advantage of a girl who was 20-years-old and an intern in his office. There’s no excuse for that,” Paul said, adding “it’s not Hillary’s fault.”


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