Rand Paul unharmed after gunman opens fire at members of Congress practicing baseball

06/14/2017 09:32 AM

Update: President Trump has confirmed that the shooter died due to injuries sustained in a gun fight with Capitol Police. The Congressional baseball game is still scheduled for Thursday.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, was one of multiple GOP congressman practicing for the upcoming Congressional baseball game when a shooter opened fire, hitting U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., and several others according to first hand reports.

Kentucky’s junior U.S. Senator was in the batting cage when the shots rang out. Speaking to MSNBC Morning Joe, Paul said that there was a “rapid succession of shots,” counting “probably 50 – 60 shots” in all.

Paul described the scene in Alexandria, Va., as Scalise was shot and trying to “drag himself through the dirt out into the outfield.” The Bowling Green Republican, who was taking cover and couldn’t see the shooter, described aides taking fire on the field from the shooter.

Capitol Police were on the scene, and Paul said Congressmen were very lucky they were there.

“Everybody probably would have died expect for the fact that the Capitol Hill police were there,” he said.

Paul said Scalise, the Majority Whip, who was hit likely saved everyone’s life by being there — as a member of leadership he receives Capitol Police protection.


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