Rand Paul says GOP landslides would allow for repeal of 'huge mistake' of health care bill

09/14/2010 08:29 PM

LEXINGTON — The future of the health care reform law is now in the hands of American voters, who could essentially call for its repeal by electing enough Republicans to the House and Senate in November, Kentucky Republican Rand Paul said Tuesday.

The GOP U.S. Senate candidate said he wants to at least push for changes to the bill but would prefer scrapping it and would like to “start over.”

But the next steps will largely be determined by the outcome of the November elections, Paul told reporters at a press conference in a Lexington audio equipment manufacturing business.

Paul and Republican groups that have run ads against Paul’s Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jack Conway in recent weeks have made criticism of the health care bill — and President Barack Obama — their central issue. Paul, a Bowling Green eye surgeon, featured his opposition to the health care legislation, which he refers to as ObamaCare, in his first TV ad of the general election that started running last week.

Paul chose Thiel Audio’s headquarters as the backdrop for his press conference to underscore his argument that the new health care reform law would hurt small businesses.

Paul, who counts Thiel Audio employees among his campaign donor base, said the bill didn’t help fix the problems the health care system already had. Instead, it has made it worse, he said. Paul, who generally prefers less government intervention and a greater reliance on the free market, advocated the same thing for the health care business.

Paul said that under the current law, businesses could be hit with $3,000 fines if they don’t provide insurance for employees, a cost he said would hurt most businesses.

Paul said one of the potential effects of the law he dislikes most is how it could discourage healthy people from enrolling in insurance plans. That, in turn, would limit the amount paid into businesses’ health care plans.

-Reporting and videos produced by Kenny Colston


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