Rand Paul on why he'd want to be president, how he'd announce and whether he'd run with Christie

11/18/2013 06:14 PM

If elected president, Rand Paul said he’d reduce the federal bureaucracy and use the bully pulpit to try to constrict government in other ways. He also told Pure Politics he’d try to strike a middle ground in global intervention and would not be a “isolationist.”

“I think the country needs to go in a different direction. I mean I would like to see a country that creates millions of jobs and where people prosper at a level like we did 20 years,” Paul said in response to a question about why he’d want to leave the Senate for the White House.

In broad terms, Paul also distinguished himself from his former presidential candidate father, retired Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who favored closing U.S. military bases across the world and greatly pull back from involvement in international affairs. Paul said there’s a lot of room between being the world’s policeman in all conflicts and being “nowhere.”

“If you’re nowhere, I would call that isolationism. I am not that,” he said (2:15). “What I would say more toward the middle ground is that when we go to war we go to war reluctantly. It’s a last resort. We’re not excited about war. We go to war to defend the country.”

Since the summer, Paul and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie have traded barbs over their respective philosophies. After Christie easily won re-election earlier this month, Paul told CNN that the Republican Party has room for a “moderate” like Christie.

So would he consider running on a ticket with Christie?

“I think you never say never,” Paul said (3:30 of the segment).

Paul has deflected questions over and over about whether he’ll run for president by saying that he won’t make that decision until after the November 2014 elections.

So this segment of the interview began with a question about how he plans to finally announce that decision:


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