Rand Paul highlights Donald Trump's past with digital ad in early primary states

08/12/2015 03:42 PM

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, is ramping up his war of words with Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump with a new web ad set to hit two key early primary states.

Committing to his change in strategy against Trump, Paul is launching the first digital ad of his campaign against Trump and his support of Democrats — including Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

The ad from Paul, titled “Telling it like it is,” first appeared on CNN on Wednesday.

In the two-minute long video, Paul’s team opens the piece with positive statements from Trump on Democrats and Democratic policies — like universal healthcare.

Paul highlighted many of the attacks leveled when he spoke with Pure Politics on Monday at a campaign event in Bowling Green.

After the ad highlights Trump’s past positions, a question fills the screen: “Donald Trump telling it like it is?”

The second half of the ad features Paul talking in stump speeches about his vision for the country and his record in Congress.

The ad is slated to run throughout the weekend in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Paul and Trump have become increasingly critical of one another in the days following the first presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio. The two sparred on Twitter recently as Trump called Paul, “a spoiled brat.”

Paul fired back from the campaign trail, pointing to his two kids who work minimum-wage jobs.

“If we’re talking about who’s a spoiled brat or not, my two kids all work minimum-wage jobs. Do you think the Trump kids have been working at the local Pizza Hut? So I live a pretty ordinary life and I’m not begrudging him his wealth, but there’s nothing about me or my family that’s spoiled,” Paul told reporters in Hooksett, N.H., according to CNN.

Weeks ago Paul was focused solely on his own race, but after the debate he said he was ready “to mix it up and show the differences.”

Among the differences Paul is seeking to highlight against Trump includes the many political twists and turns Trump has taken over the past 20 years.

At a campaign event in Michigan on Tuesday Trump told reporters he wants to run for president as a Republican, “but I’m going to keep the door open” to a third party run.

The GOP frontrunner also joked about Paul’s physical stature.


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