Psuedoephedrine bill changes number but senators still waiting to see approach

02/28/2012 05:34 AM

Sponsors of the measure that would require Kentuckians to get a prescription to buy certain cold and allergy medicines changed bill numbers forcing drug companies that have aired ads against the approach to rework their radio spots.

The bill requires prescriptions for medicines containing psuedoephedrine — with the exception of liquid gel-cap forms — as a way to make that ingredient harder to get for makers of methamphetamine. The legislation had been Senate Bill 50 until its author, Republican Sen. Robert Stivers of Manchester, withdrew it on Thursday.

Stivers’ Republican colleague, Sen. Tom Jensen of London, refiled the bill late Friday as Senate Bill 172.

Sen. Tom Buford, R-Nicholasville, who opposes requiring all Kentuckians to get a prescription for those cold medicines, said re-filing that bill forces the Consumer Healthcare Products Association that has spent thousands of dollars on radio ads to redo those spots.

But Buford also said he sees Jensen and Stivers will likely take “another approach.” Watch the video at the 3:00 minute mark to hear Buford’s theory.


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