Professor Dewey Clayton discusses the Obama campaign

07/12/2012 08:19 AM

University of Louisville Professor and author of the book “The Presidential Campaign of Barack Obama” Dewey Clayton spoke with Ryan Alessi about the issues the president faced in his 2008 campaign and what he will face in 2012.

Before the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act, Clayton discussed how he feels the act has helped as well as hurt Obama’s popularity with different groups.

Clayton also predicted what effect the ruling might have on the Presidential campaigns of both President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.

“This could be just what needs,” Clayton said (at 6:23 in the video) “a vote against Obama is a vote for Governor Romney.”

Clayton said that President Obama has not lived up to the expectations of many Americans and that could hinder his chances in the 2012 election.

“He has not been the uniter he had hoped to be,” Clayton said (at 8:40 in the video). “There’s no doubt about that.”


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