PRIMARY 2018 | Former Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath wins democratic nomination for sixth congressional district seat

05/22/2018 09:16 PM

A political newcomer in one of the most closely-watched primary races in Kentucky, retired Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath has nabbed the democratic nomination for the commonwealth’s sixth U.S. Congressional district seat. McGrath will take on republican Rep. Andy Barr in November.

“If I’ve learned anything on this journey, I’ve learned that people want badly to believe in their leaders again,” said McGrath. “They want to know that they’re honest. They want to know that their leaders have the moral courage to stand up and do what’s right. We can’t make these things happen unless we fix a broken Congress.”

Statement from Kentucky Democratic Party

“I’d like to congratulate Lt. Col. Amy McGrath on her win in the 6th Congressional primary — and to thank all of our other candidates — including Mayor Jim Gray and state Sen.Reggie Thomas — for putting their names forward and running a great race,” Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Ben Self said.

“Kentuckians are clearly energized and ready for change in Washington. Now that the 6th Congressional primary is over, Democrats and all Kentuckians in the district will unite to unseat Rep. Andy Barr.

“His voting record has continuously shown Barr — just like Gov.Matt Bevin — consistently puts the interest of the wealthiest Americans over those of everyday Kentuckians in his district. The results on Election Day will show Kentuckians are tired of the mess in Washington and are looking for fresh leadership that will put Kentucky first.”

Statement from Republican Party of Kentucky

“The Bluegrass region’s most devoted and extreme Democrats have spoken and they’ve chosen the Hollywood-elite backed liberal over the Washington-elite backed liberal. However, no matter the outcome, the reality is that this fall, the majority of Kentucky voters will opt for the candidate who not only shares their values but has proven to be one of the hardest working members of Congress: Andy Barr.”


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