Potential GOP candidates for governor James Comer, Phil Moffett and Hal Heiner make their cases

08/03/2013 11:51 AM

MAYFIELD – Two more GOP gubernatorial contenders have emerged in the hours leading up to the annual Fancy Farm Picnic.

Louisville businessman and former mayoral candidate Hal Heiner told Pure Politics that he “is taking a look at what’s possible,” for the 2015 GOP primary race.

“I’m really concerned about the leadership out of the executive branch. You look over the last couple of years you see how our credit rating in the state has dropped five notches – we’re one of the bottom five states in the country for credit rating,” Heiner said. “Really concerned about the financial situation in the state.”

Heiner spoke to Pure Politics at the Graves County Republican Breakfast in Mayfield.

Former gubernatorial candidate Phil Moffett, who lost by 10 points in the 2011 GOP primary to David Williams, said he is “looking at (the race) very seriously.”

Moffett spoke to Pure Politics on Friday night at the Calvert City Chicken Dinner.

“I think it’ll be a fun race in ’15,” Moffett said. “I haven’t decided to run yet.”

Republican Agriculture Commissioner James Comer has long been considering a run for governor in 2015 but has stopped short of announcing a bid.

Comer told Pure Politics in mid July that he was going to assemble a group the day before Fancy Farm to discuss the race.

“We had a good discussion we talked about the future of Kentucky. We expressed a desire for bold leadership for new ideas,” Comer said of that meeting. “We need to be more business friendly in Kentucky. We need to be more efficent in Kentucky. We’re going to have to figure out in the future who’s going to pay for the new 300,000 more people on the Medicaid rolls.”

To hear more of Comer’s idea’s for the future of the state watch the video below:

With the governor’s race still two years away, there’s still plenty time for other potential Republican candidates float their names.


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