Polling firm sees no Grayson surge, not polling Democrats

05/15/2010 02:38 PM

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UPDATED 10:55 p.m.: Public Policy Polling, a North Carolina-based polling firm, is in the field with a poll this weekend — perhaps the final of Kentucky’s primary season — that shows no significant movement for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Trey Grayson.

The firm said via Twitter that it will release the final Kentucky Republican U.S. Senate race numbers along with the Pennsylvania 12th congressional district polling Sunday night.

But in an updated tweet Saturday afternoon, Public Policy Polling said, “definitely not seeing any last second Grayson surge in Kentucky.” Grayson, the Secretary of State, has trailed Rand Paul, the Bowling Green eye surgeon and son of Texas Congressman Ron Paul, by double digits in recent independent polls.

Interestingly, Public Policy Polling,which mostly polls for Democratic candidates, isn’t in the field tracking the Kentucky Democratic primary, in which recent surveys have showed Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo and Attorney Jack Conway in a close contest. SurveyUSA, in a poll sponsored by the Courier-Journal and WHAS in Louisville, showed Mongiardo ahead by a point earlier this week.

“… Just hasn’t generated much interest when we do the Dems,” Public Policy Polling tweeted in response to a question from a follower. “… When we do polls for free then need to generate media coverage/web traffic and KY-Dem has not when we’ve done it.”

NEW INFORMATION: Republican Respondents who received calls from Public Policy Polling over the weekend were asked not only about their preference in the GOP primary, but also about broader themes and the dynamics at work in this election cycle.

Among the topics respondents were asked by the automated poll:

  • favorability rating of the Republican Party
  • favorablity of the Tea Party movement
  • opinion of the Tea Party
  • whether they would vote for Trey Grayson in the fall general election
  • whether they would vote for Rand Paul in the general election
  • whether they support U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell retaining his seat as Senate Republican leader
  • whether it was a mistake, in retrospect, to go to war in Iraq
  • what is a bigger issue, national security or the economy
  • favorability ratings of McConnell and U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning
  • and whether the respondent knew which Kentucky U.S. Senate candidate was endorsed by McConnell, which was endorsed by Bunning and which was endorsed by former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

- Ryan Alessi


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