Poised to get funding restored, child care program boasts success stories

02/24/2014 07:47 AM

Sharon Yelton was facing the choice 18 years ago between going to school and raising her daughter.

Fortunately for Yelton, she didn’t end up having to choose. The state program that provides child care stipends for low income parents to pay for day care while they go to school or work. Gov. Steve Beshear’s administration cut that program back last year to plug a hole in the state budget.

But he has recommended that General Assembly restore the more than $52 million a year in order to restore the funding so the program can once again cover parents making between the federal poverty rate and 150 percent of the federal poverty rate.

For a single parent and one child, that’s the difference between bringing in a little over $15,500 a year to $23,595.

Yelton is now a shining example of what the program can do to provide a boost to parents so that they can lift themselves.

Here’s Don Weber’s report from Northern Kentucky:


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