Pegasus backed plan calls for increased cigarette tax

10/24/2017 08:15 AM

Lawmakers will soon return to Frankfort to deal with billions in under funding to the state’s pension systems, but then they’ll have to return again months later to write a 2-year state spending plan — and the call for more revenue will be loud, that call could kick start a debate on curbing unhealthy habits, like smoking.

Legislators in the Kentucky General Assembly have already warned of cuts to come, but two groups are working towards proposing an increase in the cost per-pack of cigarettes in an effort to incentives quitting smoking, but increasing the tax would also generate dollars for the state in the short term.

The Pegasus plan would call for the cigarette tax to increase to $1.10 per pack, and switch to other tobacco or nicotine products or drop the habit altogether. The research and proposal was authored for Pegasus by University of Louisville Medical School Professor Dr. Brad Rodu and Louisville Research Economist Nantaporn Plurphanswat.

Rodu joined Pure Politics for an interview and broke down the plan and research behind it.

Download the full Pegasus plan “here.”:Pegasus Institute Tobacco Tax for Kentucky (2).pdf

The Coalition for a smoke free Kentucky is also calling for an increase in the price per-pack to $1.60 in Kentucky, they’re hoping the taxing will convince Kentuckians to quit.


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