Paul to supporters: brace for historical battle

05/19/2010 10:43 PM

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul made the media rounds most of Wednesday after winning his party’s nomination, then e-mailed to supporters  his first campaign manifesto of the general election.

Paul’s message said he and Democratic candidate Jack Conway, the attorney general, “could not be greater.”

“The primary was rough for both candidates, but the general election  is going to be far tougher,” the message said. “This is going to be an ideological battle like few others in the history of our country.”

The e-mail, sent out Wednesday evening, then lays out what Paul anticipates will be the dividing lines:

“My opponent will propose a government solution to every problem.   I will counter with personal or free-market solutions to problems. •    My opponent will find it hard to imagine any limits on the power of the federa- l government.  I will show the reasons this nation must have a limited government for the preservation of liberty. •    My opponent will say that deficits and debt are necessary to provide endless services to the citizens of our country.  I will show them the grave dangers of this debt and its costs today and in the future. •    My opponent will apologize for America and its greatness.   I will show why America is great and what conditions will allow it to continue this greatness.”

Both candidates have started the general election hitting each other head on.

- Ryan Alessi


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