Paul pushes to restore state felon voting rights as part of push to reform sentencing

09/16/2013 05:50 PM

Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul told community leaders in West Louisville on Monday that he will be stepping his call for federal reforms to criminal sentencing and pledging to support a state effort to restore felon voting rights.

Paul has been talking about the concept of reforms to mandatory minimums for several months, saying someone should not have to lose their rights for life for a youthful mistake.

But while appearing at a town-hall-like event at the Plymouth Community Renewal Center in West Louisville, Paul added a new layer to his argument saying that felon voting rights should be restored.

“As part of that, I’m also going to be introducing something to restore voting rights for people who were convicted of felonies but have not been convicted again for 5 years,” Paul said.

However, Kentucky would need to have it’s own voting restoration legislation, something that some lawmakers, led by Louisville and Lexington House and Senate Democrats, have tried unsuccessfully to pass in previous sessions

Paul said he’s going to do what it takes to speak to state Senate Republican leaders.

Paul also talked with west Louisville residents about tax problems including tax liens and economic freedom zones in which taxes would be lowered to try to encourage business in the area.

(With video by Nick Storm)


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