Paul gives more details about balancing budget

06/09/2010 03:58 PM

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul hashed out more details of how he would balance a federal budget on Wednesday, taking to the airwaves for the third straight day this time with Lexington radio host Leland Conway.

After going on the Rush Limbaugh show Monday and saying he would introduce his own balanced budget as a U.S. senator, Paul told Conway that the first things he would do is freeze hiring and salaries at the federal level.

“If someone leaves, we wouldn’t hire their replacement,” Paul said.

If those measures aren’t enough, Paul said he would look into reducing all federal departments using a three-question approach: “can we downsize it, can we privatize it or can we eliminate it?”

“There are many departments, including the Department of Education, that the founding fathers intended to be handled at the state level,” Paul said.

Conway also asked Paul, who is known nationally as a tea party movement candidate, what he thought about Republican primaries in California, Nevada and South Carolina. Grassroots-driven candidates finished first in Nevada and South Carolina. Paul said the results further the idea that this election cycle is the “year of the outsider.”

“The thing about it is the system in Washington irrevocably broken,” he said. “It’s not just about Republicans winning, it has to be people who want to fix the system.”

 ‑ Kenny Colston


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