On poll questions being asked about GOP candidates, Stumbo says "almost everything is fair" in war and politics

08/29/2014 10:40 AM

House Speaker Greg Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg, said the negative message testing against Republican candidates in push poll calls in competitive districts are legitimate because “in war and politics, almost everything is fair.”

In a series of automated new push polls targeting the districts of incumbent Republican House members and even some new GOP candidates, Democrats are message testing with remarks about the voting records of Republicans in the House.

A recorded message asks voters about a vote against a pay increase for teachers and state workers many in the GOP voted against in the budget process — even though the final version, which most Republicans voted for, contained the raises too. The automated caller also says that GOP incumbents did not vote for legislation to deal with the scourge of heroin in the state.

In an interview with Pure Politics Thursday, Speaker Stumbo said the Heroin bill did not get a vote because Republicans filibustered the legislation and ran out the clock after the bill had finally been brought to the floor for a vote near the end of the final night of the session.

Stumbo said the types of questions being asked of voters in the push poll are legitimate questions.

“A lot of people believe that in war and politics, almost everything is fair,” Stumbo said. “I think those are legitimate public policy questions that are answered. They’re asked of us, the other folks ask the same type of questions about us. So it is going to be an interesting and spirited campaign, I can tell you that.

When asked about what issues Democrats plan to hit Republican incumbents on, Stumbo listed many of the issues talked about in the calls including raising the minimum wage and education issues. The speaker said these issues are the same things the party brings up frequently because they are issues “we built our party on.”

As for whether or not he has any fear the Democrats will lose control of the House, Stumbo said they are going to “keep Kentucky blue.”


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