On Camera: Rand Paul explains his positions on jobs, health care and social security

09/03/2010 07:18 AM

COVINGTON — Speaking to a group of young professionals in Northern Kentucky, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul returned to the major themes that propelled him to a Republican primary victory in May: cutting government and letting the private sector lead in job creation.

One of the reforms that “has to happen” in order to cut the nation’s long-term spending problem, Paul said, is to gradually raise the retirement age for younger workers. Here’s how he addressed a question about social security:

He said instead of passing the broad health care reform bill in March, Congress should have approved legislation that encouraged more people to have health savings accounts. He said such accounts tend to encourage competition in the health care industry:

Paul maintained that his view of balancing the federal budget means looking at every program to evaluate whether it’s worth it across the board, including the military:

And he addressed which government departments he’d like to keep and which he’d favor cutting:

- Video produced by Dan Pelstring


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