On Camera: Jack Conway blasts Rand Paul for GOP group's ad, Haley Barbour fund-raiser

08/25/2010 05:29 PM

LEXINGTON — Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Jack Conway pushed back against a new TV ad that attacks him for voicing support for health care reform. He said instead of stalling his momentum the ad, paid for by American Crossroads’ Political Action Committee, shows his opponent, Republican candidate Rand Paul, is losing steam.

The Crossroads Global Policy Strategies ad, which is a spin off of the group American Crossroads founded by prominent Republicans including Karly Rove, also criticizes Conway — the Kentucky attorney general — for not joining a lawsuit to block the health care reform bill. The ad hit the airwaves Wednesday morning.

Conway sidestepped the question of when he will begin airing ads, saying that would come ”at the appropriate time.”

Conway also went on the offensive against Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, who is scheduled to hold a fund-raiser with Paul in Northern Kentucky, Amanda Van Benschoten of the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

Citing Paul’s remarks on the BP oil blowout in the Gulf of Mexico, Conway said he didn’t know if it was “good for Haley Barbour’s career” to be supporting Paul.

Conway also said that his goal for his first “money bomb” online fund-raiser, a tactic Conway admitted yesterday in an e-mail to supporters was a Paul family creation, was “to beat Rand Paul.”

CORRECTION: The video for this part of the interview in an earlier version of the post included the wrong tag that incorrectly identified Jack Conway. Thanks to Jake Payne at the ‘Ville Voice for pointing out the mistake.

- Reporting and video produced by Kenny Colston


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