Northern Ky. Chamber Cancels October 26 Government Forum

10/10/2012 03:38 PM

The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce canceled its Oct. 26 Government Forum featuring Republican congressional candidate Thomas Massie after Democrats objected that their candidate was left out.

The chamber’s had invited Massie but not Democratic candidate Bill Adkins.

The Chamber released a statement on Wednesday afternoon saying that its executive committee determined that inviting one candidate but not the other “violates the organization’s policy.”

“Our policy has always been to invite all candidates for a particular office to appear before our members in a debate format to discuss the issues”, said Steve Stevens, President and CEO of the Chamber. “However this long-standing policy does not allow
individual candidates to speak in our Government Forum format.”

“Unfortunately, the decision to invite a candidate to the forum was made in error,” Stevens said. “We apologize for the mistake and we are taking steps to ensure that it
doesn’t happen again.”


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