Northern Kentucky organization focus on expanded recovery programs to fight opoioid addiction

07/03/2018 12:18 PM

FLORENCE – While the opioid epidemic appears to show no signs of letting up in places like Northern Kentucky, health officials have been encouraged by the fact that some addicts have benefited from various treatment programs.

One of the tough things about opioid treatment is there is no one -size fits-all plan.

Northern Kentucky Health Department Director of Population Health Stephanie Vogel believes that organizations in her region have done a good job in joining together and establishing effective treatment options.

“I think our treatment providers have done a really good job about looking at best practices and figuring out where our community needs some additional support and additional resources for treatment,” Vogel said. “We’ve done a good job a good job in our community bringing in different types of treatment for folks, and accessing where folks are and which treatment would best for them.”

For some, the best and most effective place to receive recovery treatment is when they are incarcerated since they are away from their source and far less likely to suffer a relapse.

“We’ve heard from a number of folks that have been in recovery that sometimes, their incarceration has been what’s helped them obtain their recovery,” Vogel said.

Vogel believes that one of the things in Northern Kentucky which has contributed greatly to helping those with opioid addiction and potentially saving lives is the Northern Kentucky Addiction Helpline where anyone can call 859-415-9280 and speak to licensed, professional counselors 24 hours a day.

“When folks are interested in wanting resources to be able to help themselves, they can call this number and they can get information about treatment, and they can talk to a counselor who can help them figure out the best treatment course for them,” Vogel said. “That counselor will also set up a time to do an assessment with them so they can figure out which treatment resource is the best for them.”

The hotline is also open to friends and family members of addicts who are seeking assistance.

“There are a couple of laws that can help family members and friends that will enable them to seek treatment maybe a little faster than the individual is interested in,” Vogel said. “Really, those counselors can help them understand what that law is about and how to access it and what to do with that.”


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