Northern Kentucky looks to elevate community with five-year strategic plan

06/17/2015 11:30 PM

ERLANGER — Northern Kentucky leaders have unveiled a five-year strategic action plan on Tuesday that will enable the nine-county area to become more vibrant and prosperous in the future.

The initiative, myNKY, designates four goals that were decided on after some 15,000 ideas were submitted from individuals in the region.

The four goals in the myNKY 2015-20 work plan include:

  • Education: 1,000 more children prepared for kindergarten
  • Health: 20,000 more adults rating health status as excellent or very good
  • Jobs: 5 percent increase in the northern Kentucky Labor Market Index
  • Vibrancy: $5 million leveraged for vibrancy in northern Kentucky

Sharmili Reddy, Ft. Mitchell city administrator and co-chair of the myNKY committee, says quality early child-care programs will go a long way to achieving the goal of having 1,000 more students fully ready for kindergarten in the area.

“Our focus is going to be on increasing the number of quality child cares around the region,” Reddy said. “There’s home visitation programs that’s also involved to work with parents.”

In the area of jobs, the committee felt that the biggest key to increasing employment in the region by 5 percent will be to supply businesses with an educated workforce, which in turn is expected to attract new businesses to the region.

Reddy said there will be efforts in the area of small start-up businesses as well.

“Entrepreneurship and innovation, that is going to be key for the region to make any progress on that end,” Reddy said.

In the area of health, community involvement is seen as an element that can go a long way towards improving the health of the areas citizens.

“A lot of other regions have elevated the importance of health from a community standpoint,” Reddy said. “So the more you start hearing about myNKY being healthy, businesses being healthier,and people choosing to lead a healthier lifestyle, that automatically elevates health to a different level in the community.


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