Next pension proposals: cutting off felons and revealing big recipients

10/31/2013 09:19 AM

Kentucky’s legislature isn’t done debating changes to its pension system for state and local government workers.

The focus for the 2014 session will be on accountability, said Sen. Chris McDaniel, R-Taylor Mill.

McDaniel will be sponsoring legislation to cut off pensions to government workers convicted of a felony or found guilty of a misdemeanor related to the violation of the public trust, as the Northern Kentucky Enquirer first reported this week.

“If those don’t outrage members of the public, and members of the legislature then we have an even bigger problem than even this,” McDaniel said.

He also will be pushing legislation to make public the names, final salaries and pension check amounts of retirees drawing a government pension.

McDaniel co-chaired the program review committee meeting in which Gary Harbin, the executive director of the Kentucky Teachers Retirement System said the fund would need $390 million in the next fiscal year and $400 million more in fiscal year 2016 in order to financially stabilize it.

But McDaniel said he’s not yet convinced that much is needed. And he also wasn’t sold on Harbin’s proposal to have the state turn over assets, such as land, in lieu of cash.


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