Newly elected state Rep. Chuck Tackett feeling at home in the House

03/16/2016 02:16 PM

FRANKFORT – Wednesday marked the second day that newly elected 62nd District State Rep. Chuck Tackett, D-Georgetown, has served in the House, and he feels as if he’s done all that he can to take part in the process.

Tackett is one of four state representatives who won special elections on March 8th and were sworn into office on Tuesday.

With the full House expected to vote on the budget on Wednesday, Tackett admits that it’s an experience coming in at the busiest time of the session, although he did what he could to prepare prior to taking office.

“Actually, after the election last Tuesday, I’ve been here every day,” Tackett said. “I was here Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, just to learn all of the procedures that go on here. How it’s done. It made me more prepared for yesterday afternoon when we were on the floor and started casting votes.”

Tackett feels that one of the biggest keys to being a successful legislator is to make as many contacts a possible with lawmakers from both parties.

“There’s a lot of different players here from either side, you try to make friends with everyone,” Tackett said. “You don’t try to be out on your own by yourself. You’ve got to learn to communicate with everybody here.”

Tackett admits there are challenges coming in for the remainder of former Rep. Ryan Quarles’ unexpired term, but feels that he’s very much a part of the legislative body.

“I’ve met everyone here, they’ve come to me and they’ve talked to me and they’re trying to make sure that I know what’s going on,” Tackett said. “I’ve not seen the negativity. I’m sure maybe some of it’s going to come but so far, everything is on the positive side.”

Tackett is currently serving on the Agriculture and Small Business, Local Government, and Natural Resources and Environment House committees.


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