New Williams-Farmer ad focuses criticism on "liberal" Jerry Abramson

10/25/2011 05:16 PM

The Republican gubernatorial ticket is going after Gov. Steve Beshear’s running mate in its newest ad, which the campaign put online Tuesday.

The 30-second spot takes aim at lieutenant governor candidate Jerry Abramson. The ad — the first one the GOP ticket of David Williams and Richie Farmer have launched since mid-September — shows two men sitting at a diner discussing the race.

“Turns out Abramson used tax dollars to pay his friend 85 grand for a job she hardly showed up for,” one man says to the other after reading from the newspaper.

It refers to Carol Butler, a former special assistant in the Louisville Metro Government while Abramson was mayor. Butler was making a salary of $85,000 when a 2010 audit and subsequent police investigation found that Butler’s co-workers said she rarely was seen at work. Butler and another metro government worker resigned after the audit revealed Butler’s publishing company was doing business with the city, which is against the rules.

The men in the ad also take turns describing Abramson as “the liberal from Louisville” and for being “against guns and pro-abortion.”

Abramson advocated for stronger gun-control laws while serving with the National Association of Mayors, including as a member of the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

The Williams-Farmer campaign ran an ad last month featuring the same two characters — named Bill and Larry — talking about how Williams has a reputation of “not playing nice” but that Kentucky needs such a governor.

It’s also the second ad in which the Bill and Larry characters refer to newspaper coverage to fuel their conversation. And, in fact, the Louisville Courier-Journal was first to report on the audit on March 2010.

Yet, Williams has repeatedly blamed his fortunes in this year’s race on unfavorable newspaper coverage.


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