New McConnell ad serves to counter recent jobs comment, touts record on saving jobs

05/06/2014 09:38 AM

A new ad from Kentucky U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell released Tuesday seeks to show the five term senator’s record of job creation in the wake of his comments published in an Eastern Kentucky newspaper that has given his opponents fodder.

The thirty second ad, titled “Hero”, comes shortly after McConnell made comments to a Beattyville Enterprise reporter that creating jobs in Kentucky was the job of Frankfort, not his responsibility when he was asked what he is doing to bring jobs to Lee County.

McConnell’s new ad says McConnell does more for jobs in the state than anyone else. It cites his work to save jobs, including keeping the Bluegrass Army Depot from closure, as well as a National Guard facility at Bluegrass Station.

“No one works harder for Kentucky jobs than Sen. McConnell,” McConnell spokeswoman Allison Moore said. “Mitch fights every day to protect Kentuckians from Harry Reid and Barack Obama, who won’t think twice about destroying Kentucky jobs in order to implement their liberal agenda.”

In response to the ad, the campaign of Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes reverted back to their claim that McConnell has still not released a jobs plan as Grimes has.

“McConnell’s idea of a jobs plan is to beg DC lobbyists for money to save his job, while claiming it’s not his responsibility to bring jobs back to Kentucky,” Grimes senior advisor Jonathan Hurst said in the statement. “Alison Lundergan Grimes remains the only candidate in this race to put forth a comprehensive jobs plan that will strengthen Kentucky’s middle class, increase family incomes, encourage businesses to grow and create new jobs.”

The campaign of McConnell’s Republican opponent, Louisville businessman Matt Bevin, said McConnell’s record speaks for itself to show that the senior senator is only interesting in working for special interest donors.

“Just in the past couple of weeks we’ve seen thousands of job losses across Kentucky. All the pandering in the world from Mitch McConnell won’t do anything to help those families affected,” Bevin spokeswoman Sarah Durand said in a statement. “Matt Bevin is the only candidate in this race who has ever created a job taxpayers didn’t pay for. 30 years is too long – it’s time for some fresh ideas to solve our economic problems.”


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