New Democratic PAC seeking to recruit millennials to run for office

05/19/2017 01:24 PM

A new political action committee is seeking to recruit a bench of millennial candidates in Kentucky.

Back the Bluegrass PAC filed by Grace Wise, the former political director to Democratic US Senate Candidate Jim Gray, is launching an effort to identify and win battleground districts with targeting, extensive polling and research, according to a news release.

“It became obvious over the course of the 2016 election cycle that Democrats in Kentucky are in need of fresh blood and an entirely new direction. Kentucky Democrats can’t afford to cede another office, another district, and another seat at the table. The fact is, when you’re not at the table – you’re on the menu.”

The political action committee says their strategy to elect Democrats hinges on long term polling projects which, they say will show winnable GOP held seats in 2018 as Democrats seek to win back seats in the state House.

The group is also interested in running progressive millennial candidates in an effort to build a Democratic bench in the state.

“With the current Republican majority at the helm, Bevin’s crew has taken every single opportunity to introduce heinous policies that undercut middle and working class Kentuckians” said Kentucky Young Democrats President, Travis Scott. “It’s time that Kentucky Democrats get back to their roots and back to business in the bluegrass.”


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