Negotiations behind the scenes, finger-pointing in public

03/12/2013 09:29 AM

As legislative leaders and the governor try to negotiate a deal on pensions, the leaders of the two chambers are ramping up the blame game for the impasse.

Senate President Robert Stivers told reporters that if this seems familiar to look for the common denominator in this session and ones in the recent past.

“The leaders of the chamber have changed on this side, but they have not changed on the other side. So draw your conclusions from that,” Stivers told reporters Monday.

House Speaker Greg Stumbo responded that nothing is being “bogged down.” Instead, the legislative leaders are still trying to work out how to cover $100 million cost to the general fund of making the state’s full payment into the Kentucky Retirement System.

This kind of public posturing isn’t uncommon even as leaders meet with each other behind closed doors to work out a compromise.

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