N. Ky. football coach looks to tackle school bullying starting with his team

04/23/2015 02:21 PM

DRY RIDGE — Grant County Head Football Coach Kevin Siple thinks that training his players how to treat other students in the school with kindness could be an effective way to combat bullying.

Bullying is one of the less desirable aspects of students attending school. The act leaves targeted students feeling helpless, depressed, and out of touch, which leads to a number of things such as poor grades, low self-esteem and, in some extreme cases, suicide.

Siple believes that, since the players tend to be the more popular kids in the school and looked up to; their message and actions could carry more weight than another teacher or administrator telling the students that they shouldn’t do it.

“They are role models and we talk about that to our kids all the time,” Siple said. “I just think that these kids have the power to change it.”

Siple then thought that this might not only work at Grant County, but could potentially work around the state.

Siple crafted a letter which he sent to all of the high school football coaches across the Kentucky about his idea to form a committee of coaches to essentially look at a starting a curriculum-based training program for the football players to be compassionate and empathetic, so the targeted students would be protected.

“I don’t know the answer, but if we as football coaches get behind something like this and we all put our hearts into it, I bet we could make a big difference in Kentucky and maybe that model in Kentucky spreads, and, who knows how far it could go,” he said.

Siple says that potential sponsors are beginning to come to him unsolicited.

The local McDonald’s franchise in Dry Ridge heard about Siple’s proposal and said that they would be interested in being a partner.


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