More than a dozen contested state House seats leave fate of the chamber in flux

10/18/2014 08:47 AM

The road map for majority control of the state House will lead through multiple districts as Democrats have their slimmest majority in years and Republicans mount a campaign to take control of the lower chamber which has evaded them since 1921.

Democratic and Republican analysts say there are more than a dozen state House races in play which will shape control of the chamber.

The races are geographically diverse with several hotly contested races in West Kentucky — including the epicenter for the GOP’s push to take the House, multiple Louisville districts, and Central Kentucky.

Republican analyst Les Fugate and Democratic analyst Sherman Brown joined Pure Politics this week to break down the most interesting races across the state.

“Given the environment this is probably a 50 / 50 propositions at this point,” Fugate said. “There are a lot of races still left in play at this point…that throws a lot into flux.”

Democrats did well in their efforts to find quality candidates which is forcing Republicans to spend resources to protect their incumbents, Fugate said.

There are also multiple outside PACs playing roles in the House race contests which could be a concern for the campaigns.

On Election night all eyes will be focused on the 13th District House contest in Owensboro, where Democratic Rep. Jim Glenn is trying to keep hold of his seat. Glenn has had two close calls in the past two elections winning by a couple hundred votes in each contest.

This year Republicans think Alan Braden, a financial analyst and former Owensboro city commissioner could take down Glenn and are focusing resources on the race.

Even if Democrats hold the House that does not mean the chance to take control of the chamber slips away. Depending on the margins there could very well be some Democrats targeted to “flip” or change their registration in favor of plush committee assignments under new control.


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