Moore and Massie square off at tea party event over taxes and who is the front-runner

04/04/2012 01:16 PM

Boone County Judge-Executive Gary Moore declared himself the front-runner for the GOP nomination for 4th Congressional District as he attempted to brush off criticism from one of his rivals, Lewis County Judge Executive Thomas Massie on Tuesday.

Moore and Massie were among five of the seven GOP congressional candidates to face the Oldham County tea party group in Lagrange on Tuesday evening.

And the two county officials gave a preview of what voters can expect to hear in future debates:

In 2008, the Boone County fiscal court proposed the parks tax and put it on the ballot, but residents defeated it by a 2 to 1 margin.

Moore supported the tax, which would have paid for park improvements. He and others billed it as being revenue neutral because the proposal would have lowered taxes for the library and health departments.

The other 4th District Republican candidates at Tuesday night’s event were business consultant Tom Wurtz, Oldham County developer and school board member Walt Schumm and teacher Brian Oerther. Lawyer Marcus Carey and state Rep. Alecia Webb-Edgington did not attend.

During Tuesday night’s meeting, Moore took a jab Webb-Edgington for abandoning her responsibilities as a state lawmaker “to pursue her own political ambitions” by missing key votes last week to raise money; as Pure Politics first reported on Monday. Webb-Edgington’s campaign has dismissed Moore’s criticism as “desperate” and said Webb-Edgington has filed how she would vote on 11 of those bills with the House clerk and her votes wouldn’t have changed the outcome.

One attendee rather passionately expressed concerns with the job most government officials are doing, especially in Congress, and how a new fourth district congressman would work with the other lawmakers.

The candidates largely answered the same way saying they would find allies, and hold strong to their conservative values.

“You don’t compromise with a cancer, you expose it, and you shine the light of day on it – and you cut it out,” candidate Tom Wurtz told the Tea Party crowd.

“We’ve gotta get proactive,” alternative school teacher and candidate Brian Oerther told the crowd. “We’re at the Alamo point, you either stand with us or your not.”

Walt Schumm added his feelings on taxes and shared a story on his “bolt of lightning” moment that led allowed to see the impact of higher tax rates on employment.


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