Mongiardo said congressional Republican push to repeal health care law is misguided

02/01/2011 09:16 PM

While not perfect, the health care law Congress passed last year shouldn’t be scrapped but improved, said Democratic Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo, a doctor who still practices medicine in Hazard.

“Health care is going to bankrupt us,” Mongiardo said on Tuesday’s edition of Pure Politics. “It’s going up at double digits and the bill that passed does a lot of good things. It went to far in some areas.”

Mongiardo specifically said the provision that requires small businesses to pay for insurance for workers or face a fine was ill-conceived. He said last year while running for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination that he wouldn’t have voted for the bill unless he was assured that improvements would be made later.

He called for a health care “Manhattan Project” to develop better policies to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the medical industry.

“The political approach is not going to fix health care,” Mongiardo said.

Earlier this week a federal judge in Florida ruled the law’s mandate for people to have health insurance was unconstitutional and ruled the law void because of it. A previous ruling by a federal judge in Virginia called the mandate unconstitutional but that the rest of the law could stand. Two other federal judges said last fall the law could stand.

- Ryan Alessi


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