Moffett's manager David Adams creates new PAC in gubernatorial primary aftermath

05/25/2011 10:47 AM

Fresh off a loss in the Republican gubernatorial primary, conservative political consultant David Adams is switching from managing campaigns to starting a conservative political action committee.

Adams confirmed to Pure Politics that he will serve as executive director of the Kentucky Knows Best Leadership PAC. Paperwork for the PAC has not yet been filed with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance, but Adams said he was in the process of submitting it.

The PAC will focus on state elections, and Adams said he has no plans for the PAC to get involved in federal elections. Adams said the group will get involved in races for state House, state Senate and statewide constitutional offices and would advocate for tea party principles. He said the group has not decided whether to get involved in local mayor or city council races.

The move comes a week after Adams finished up running the gubernatorial campaign of Louisville businessman Phil Moffett. Moffett and running mate Mike Harmon finished second to David Williams and Richie Farmer, 48% to 38% with 14% going to the third GOP ticket headed by Bobbie Holsclaw.

Moffett was hampered by low fund-raising, which is part of the reason Adams created the PAC. Adams said he wants to help fund tea party candidates in the future.

And he acknowledged that initially his PAC may run into the same problems, which is why Adams is planning on being selective and restricted early on.

“We don’t want to overextend immediately,” Adams said. “We need to be very, very careful in our selection. Funds are limited, so we have to demonstrate value in order to attract funds.”

Adams expects his initial donors to be some of the same ones who did donate to the Moffett campaign.

And he plans to have “friendly competition” with other tea party groups, many of which are starting their own fund-raising drives in the wake of Moffett’s defeat. At least one tea party group, the Louisville Tea Party, is set up as a 527 group and has been actively raising money.

Adams said he was unsure if there was enough money to go around to all the tea party groups.

“I suspect we’ll find out eventually,” Adams said. “We’re not under the time constraints a candidate is. We can keep our costs low or at zero while we expand our resources.”

Everyone involved with the PAC will have day jobs, Adams said, noting he’s currently getting a real estate license.

But with most PACs focused on federal elections or core issues, Adams said he saw a void while managing the Moffett campaign.

“There’s room for the tea party to assert itself,” Adams said. There’s a very critical need for talking specifically about getting government to work for the people instead of against them.”

The PAC is currently just a website , while the paperwork is being processed, Adams said, but said the group would be fully functioning as soon as their request was completed.

-Reporting by Kenny Colston


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