Moffett and Miller focused on issues facing the district despite personal attacks

09/25/2014 04:33 PM

The race to replace state Rep. Julie Raque Adams in an east Louisville district has become contentious as the candidates are facing personal attacks but say they want to continue talking about the issues.

After redistricting, the area currently represented by Adams—who is leaving the position to run for state Senate—now contains more registered Democrats, but the candidates say the area still leans conservative.

Both of the candidates are hearing the economy and health care are the issues on the minds of the voters in their district. And when it comes to health care, each of them has different approaches on what to do with the Affordable Care Act in Kentucky (which they explain in the story below).

But as Republicans target Miller through push poll calls and online attacks and Democrats do the same to Moffett, the personal lives of the candidates are playing a role in their campaigns.

Miller, an Emerge Kentucky graduate , is being criticized by Republicans for her work as a nurse practitioner for Planned Parenthood where she is currently employed. And Miller said she knew that would be a line of attack used in the race.

“I have been employed at Planned Parenthood for over six years at this point and I think what they are trying to or hoping to draw attention to is Planned Parenthood’s role as an abortion provider. And I think that shows they are uninformed because Planned Parenthood in Kentucky has never provided abortions, at least in the six or seven years I have been affiliated with them. So that’s something we are trying to make very clear,” Miller told Pure Politics.

Moffett has also been the target of similar calls by Democrats where voters are asked if it came out that Moffett was prejudice would that change their opinion of him, according to people in the district who have informed Moffett of the calls.

But Moffett, who ran for governor in 2011 but was defeated in the GOP primary, said the attacks are desperate and noted the make-up of his family with four adopted children from different countries.

Something that has not yet played into the race is the personal stories of each candidate and their upbringings. Miller was raised in west Louisville where her family struggled as both of her parents were addicts.

And Moffett also faced hardships growing up as his father remained in prison throughout much of his life, where he still is today.

“My father has been in prison for as long as I know and he is a convicted felon and a persistent felon. So I grew up in not the best of circumstances but I have been blessed with a lot of strong people around me and I’ve been able to learn from them and able to capitalize really on what could have been a bad situation, I turned into something I am really proud of,” Moffett said.


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