Michelle Obama tells supporters they need to keep working, struggling, and pushing forward until election

10/02/2012 05:14 PM

CINCINNATI – First Lady Michelle Obama told 6,800 supporters at a rally in Cincinnati on Tuesday the work they do over the next 35 days for her husband’s re-election campaign is the difference between his victory and waking up on the day after the election wishing they had done more.

Mrs. Obama told the crowd, on the first day of early voting in Ohio, that Barack Obama has had a first term filled with many accomplishments and deserves four more years.

After imploring the crowd to go tell friends and family to register and vote, she said “tell them about the number of jobs that Barack created. Tell them about the health care reform that he passed. Tell them about all of those kids who can finally go to college.” Obama added, “tell them how Barack ended the war in Iraq.”

The First Lady also encouraged citizens of the key swing state to vote during the early period and then to donate their time working on the campaign the final month.

She admitted that the final 35 days will not be easy. “The journey is going to be hard. There are plenty of ups and downs for the rest of the way,” (in video below).

Mrs. Obama said that she feels that this years election will be closer than the last.
She noted that while her husband carried Ohio by 262 thousand votes in the 2008 election, that amounted to only 24 votes per precinct.


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