Members of committee to investigate actions of Jeff Hoover named

01/04/2018 05:08 PM

FRANKFORT – With the newly formed committee which will investigate and possibly expel Speaker Jeff Hoover, R-Jamestown, who admitted to settling a claim against him brought by a female staffer in November of 2017, the question has been which six representatives of the House would be members of the committee.

That question was answered on Thursday as four women and two men were named to the committee by their respective parties.

The Republican members include Rep. Donna Mayfield, R-Winchester, Rep. Jason Petrie, R-Elkton, and Rep. Diane St. Onge, R-Lakeside Park.

After Thursday’s House session, House Minority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins, D-Sandy Hook, announced the three Democrat members.

“Our three members that we have nominated for the special committee, I think are three excellent members that will do the job that they have been given,” Adkins said. “One is Sannie Overly, Chris Harris would be another name which is two attorneys, and the other member that we’ve named is a very veteran member of this chamber, and that’s Joni Jenkins.”

Adkins is hopeful that the meetings be as transparent as possible with some exceptions.

“As much transparency that can go into this needs to go into it in my opinion,” Adkins said. “But I do want the committee to meet and the attorneys meet to see what needs to be privileged at times and what may not be, but i do want the meetings to be as transparent as they can possibly be.”

Rep. Jeffery Donohue, D-Louisville, expressed his frustration with Rule 23A which set the process of forming a committee which will consist of four Republicans and three Democrats to investigate any wrongdoings of Hoover, as well as Hoover not stepping down as Speaker as he had initially said that he would do.

“It was something put in place as a protectionism of a certain individual,” Donohue said. “My father told me as kid, son there’s two things that you want to protect, you want to protect your name and you want to protect your integrity, your word means something. So, when you take a leadership position and you’re involved, and you admittedly involved in misconduct, we have to set the standard, and when you give your word that I am going to step down, you step down.”


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