Melissa Edelen makes positive pitch for her husband in eastern Ky.-based ad

09/11/2015 04:32 PM

UPDATED: Melissa Edelen, the wife of state Auditor Adam Edelen, plays a starring role in the Democratic incumbent’s latest campaign ad.

The ad, which is being promoted on social media websites, features Melissa — a Letcher County native — promoting her roots and Edelen’s accomplishments in the area.

As a string rendition of “My Old Kentucky Home” plays softly in the background of the ad, Melissa Edelen looks directly to the camera and promotes a love of the region and the work of her husband.

“I could never vote for a candidate which does not love eastern Kentucky as much as I do, much less marry one,” she says.

“My husband, Adam Edelen, is a great state Auditor for eastern Kentucky,” Melissa Edelen continues. “I’m proud that he has taken on bad business practices, big government and corruption in both political parties.”

Edelen also turns to the coal industry which has taken an economic hit in recent years with the increase in cheap available natural gas, and increasing environmental regulations.

“We should all be proud that he stood up for coal jobs, earning the support of the Kentucky Coal Association and the UMWA,” she said.

Bill Bissett, the president of the Kentucky Coal Association, told Pure Politics that the group does not endorse in political races, and did not give the campaign permission to use their name in the video.

“In a telephone conversation with Adam Edelen, he has assured me that he will remove our name as soon as possible from this online message,” Bissett said in an email. “KCA plans to continue its policy of not endorsing candidates, which is why we take this matter so seriously.”

The minute-long ad finishes with Melissa making a personal pledge to eastern Kentucky voters.

“My husband, Adam Edelen, is a proven leader who will fight for eastern Kentuckians. And you have my word on it,” she says.

David Miller, Edelen’s communications director, told Pure Politics in a phone interview that the ad represents a core belief from Edelen.

“This ad reflects the beliefs held by state Auditor Adam Edelen that where you are from ought not to dictate your quality of life,” Miller said. “And, who better to speak to that belief than a native of eastern Kentucky, Melissa Edelen.

“Both Edelen’s are proud to hold strong ties to eastern Kentucky, and their commitment to the region and its people is something they take very seriously.”

Edelen faces Republican state Rep. Mike Harmon in the Nov. 3 election.


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