Medicaid is the latest government health care program to become a campaign issue

10/05/2010 04:16 PM

With the issue of health care coursing through Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race, Republican candidate Rand Paul’s comments about Medicaid program being “intergenerational welfare” has now thrust that program into the spotlight.

Paul told business leaders at the state Chamber of Commerce on Monday that Medicaid has been used as a crutch by some people who don’t necessarily need it.

Medicaid is funded by the state and federal governments and is run by the state to provide health care for the poor and disabled.

Jack Conway told cn|2 Politics on Tuesday that Paul might have a point — that some people feel like they need to choose between getting a job and losing health care or remaining unemployed and having access to Medicaid. But he said Paul went too far by calling it “intergenerational welfare.”

- Kenny Colston and Don Weber


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