McConnell seeks to tie GOP challenger Bevin to Democrats with new online ad

08/12/2013 05:21 PM

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell wasted little time pouncing on Republican challenger Matt Bevin’s slip-up from Fancy Farm in which he told Democrats in the audience, “we’re on the same team here, I’ll tell you that much.”

The campaign released the 1:11 YouTube video which first appeared on Politico on Monday afternoon.

The video doesn’t have a narrator — only a looped track of his line to Democrats. And it highlights campaign contributions Bevin has made to Democrats. The contributions to Democrats included Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and Wendy Caswell. Caswell ran in the Democratic primary for state representative in Louisville, but she is the former president and founder of the Louisville Tea Party.

A search of the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance reveals that Bevin supported Fischer in the 2010 Louisville mayoral primary with $500 in contributions and heavily supported Republican mayoral candidate Hal Heiner in the GOP primary with $1,000 in contributions and $1,000 in the general election.

The video also includes excerpts of an interview with the National Review in which he told the interviewer that, “I’ve never been a member of the Tea Party.”

The ad also claims that Bevin had “effectively supported John Kerry for President” in 2004 by not voting for President George W. Bush. In the interview with The National Review though, Bevin said he cast his ballot for Constitution Party candidate Michael Pertouka.

Bevin told the Review that in 2008 he “held my nose” and cast a ballot for GOP nominee John McCain.

The McConnell team also returned to the “bailout Bevin” phrase referencing $200,000 in taxpayer funds for his family’s Connecticut bell company to rebuild its factor after lightning caused a fire.

After a previous ad with the same claim Bevin’s campaign responded saying Bevin was “personally liable for” a $100,000 loan if he did not create jobs after his family business burnt down.

In 2012, after Bevin Brothers was struck by lightning and burned to the ground, the company received a $100,000 loan that Matt Bevin was personally liable for. Under the terms of the loan, he would have to pay it back in full if he did not create the necessary jobs. The people of East Hampton, Connecticut are very proud of Bevin Bros.’ long history and tradition in Bell Town, USA. They wanted to play a small part in rebuilding this historic company.

Watch the video below to see the context in which Bevin made his pitch to Democrats at Fancy Farm.


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