McConnell seeks to prove Bevin claims wrong with new site ahead of primary

03/19/2014 01:14 PM

The campaign of Kentucky U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell clearly isn’t done with primary opponent Matt Bevin just yet.

With just under nine weeks until the May 20 Republican primary, the McConnell campaign dedicating a corner of its website to rebutting claims Bevin has made against McConnell.

The new page of their website, which the campaign is calling a “Truth” page, includes a feature in which the visitor can “choose a lie.” It links to different claims made by Bevin about McConnell throughout the campaign as well as McConnell’s voting record on each issue.

The McConnell campaign is taking particular aim at a Bevin ad that seeks to hit McConnell on the 2nd Amendment on the basis of one vote taken in 1991. The McConnell campaign points to PolitiFact’s analysis, which gave Bevin’s claim a pants on fire rating.

Other claims include Bevin’s criticism of McConnell not doing enough to stop the Affordable Care Act and his record on pro-life legislation.

“Matt Bevin’s whole campaign is based on deception. Everything from his educational background to his attacks on Sen. McConnell’s record have been proven false and are now on display for all to see,” McConnell spokeswoman Allison Moore told Pure Politics in a statement.

At the end of the site, the campaign provides another link with the text “See Matt Bevin’s Record: Click Here” which leads to a “Bailout Bevin” site which contains all the examples of how the McConnell campaign labels Bevin as dishonest.

In response, the Bevin campaign told Pure Politics that the new site is another “desperate” attempt to deceive the public about his time in Washington.

“It’s no surprise that Mitch McConnell is so desperate to hold onto power that he will do everything he can to twist his 30 year record of voting for amnesty, bailouts, and funding for Obamacare,” Bevin spokeswoman Rachel Semmel said in a statement. “If McConnell were actually serious about defending his record, he should accept any of the several debates Matt Bevin has already accepted. Instead, he’s dodging the people he represents. Kentuckians deserve to know…where’s Mitch?”


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