McConnell says President Obama should come to Ky. and see effects of administration policies

06/26/2014 10:37 AM

Kentucky U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell took to the U.S. Senate floor Thursday to extend an invitation for President Barack Obama to visit the commonwealth after criticizing his administration’s policies.

McConnell criticized the president’s policies on energy, trouble in the Department of Veterans Affairs and other areas McConnell said are hurting the middle class while alluding to the fact that he is spending the day in Minnesota where he is expected to participate in town hall meetings and visit with middle class citizens of the state, according to the Associated Press.

In his speech, McConnell called the trip a “PR campaign to see what life is really like for the middle class” and added that if the president wanted to see how his policies are effecting average Americans he should come to Kentucky and see first hand.

“I invite him to visit with coal families in my state and hear the other side of the story that he won’t hear from California billionaires,” McConnell said. “I invite him to meet with the veterans I hear from every day. And I invite him to meet with families like the Whitehead family from Allen County who write to me about the damage his Obamacare law has already done. But I doubt he will. And I doubt the so-called ‘moderate’ Senators will push him to do so anyway.”

Hear McConnell’s full remarks below:

The ‘moderate’ senators McConnell referred to were a large part of his remarks as he said he has pushed common sense legislation to do things like help “ease the pain” of the president’s “war on coal” but none of the Democrats have come to his aide.

“And none of the so-called ‘moderate’ Senate Democrats ever comes to the floor to assist me in my efforts. Every time, they choose to follow the party line instead – the party line of the Majority Leader they support,” McConnell said.

Sticking to party lines is a frequent argument made by McConnell and his campaign about his Democratic opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes, who has received help from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid during her campaign.

And fundraising events Grimes is holding with Democratic U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren this weekend is also bringing criticism from the McConnell campaign. In a statement Thursday about the events, the McConnell campaign said the fundraising events with “anti-coal liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren proves that Grimes is no longer hiding, but fully embracing, her far-left Obama allegiances.”

The fundraisers with Reid and Warren as well as help from a group with ties to the president are also part of a line of attacks from the Republican Party of Kentucky. The RPK released a statement about Warren’s statements on new EPA regulations to say the activity by the candidate begs the question “who’s really driving Grimes’ campaign bus?” and added a graphic to illustrate their point.

But Grimes has worked hard to distance herself from the president and the EPA regulations and prove she supports the industry .


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