McConnell playing against Kentucky in basketball themed DSCC ad

03/28/2013 10:49 AM

As U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell’s alma mater—the University of Louisville— advances in the NCAA tournament, national Democrats release a basketball themed ad using play-by-play commentary to portray McConnell as an opponent of Kentucky.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee will run the radio ad statewide in Kentucky from Thursday to April 3rd.

It uses play-by-play commentary and the sounds of a crowd at a game to illustrate McConnell’s defense of Washington special interests. McConnell plays for “Team Washington” against the state of Kentucky as the ad’s announcer says McConnell “dunks on the middle class”.

“Kentucky is trying to move up, trying to provide assistance for workers who lost their jobs…they’re blocked by McConnell! Who has scored big for himself for nearly 30 years,” (in the ad below).

The ad campaign is the first of the election cycle for the DSCC, not just against McConnell but any 2014 Senate candidate.

And it comes the same day as the McConnell campaign releases a new radio ad .

While McConnell still does not have a big name challenger, a spokesperson for the DSCC told Pure Politics that the group is confident there will be a strong Democratic challenger as many are looking at the race, including some “outside the box” candidates.

But McConnell campaign manager Jessee Benton said the ad is an attempt to convince the public Kentucky is competitive in 2014.

“Having failed on their tenth attempt to recruit a candidate against Senator McConnell, team Obama is frantically trying to keep the story alive that Kentucky is competitive for them. While they’re running misleading ads Senator McConnell will be focused on protecting Kentucky from Washington’s bad ideas.”


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