McConnell greeted by hundreds of protestors in Anderson County

02/21/2017 05:46 PM

LAWRENCEBURG – Between 700 and 800 protestors greeted U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday as he spoke at a luncheon hosted by the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce in Lawrenceburg.

Democratic Party of Kentucky Communications Director Daniel Lowry said the protestors came from across the state to send McConnell a message.

“They don’t appreciate the things that he has done such as vote against workers, voting against the minimum wage hike, and he has shut down Senator Warren,” Lowry said. “That made a lot of folks upset.”

Jennifer Lawless of Louisville came to voice her concern to McConnell over President Trump’s plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“Don’t repeal the ACA, if you see a problem, fix it,” Lawless said.

Susan Stempel of Lexington was concerned about not receiving responses from McConnell’s office over the immigration ban as well as what she describes as undesirable presidential cabinet nominees.

“I want the ban on immigrants to stop, I want the pollution of our water and our air to stop, I want unqualified people to not be nominated, let alone, elected to the cabinet posts that they’re getting,” Stempel said. “It’s a travesty what is happening. Mitch is supposed to be a leader and I think he’s showing no leadership other than enhancing his own power.”

While McConnell acknowledged that he had a different opinion than the protestors, he said that they had every right to voice their opinions and concerns.

“I’m proud of those folks out there,” McConnell said. “They don’t like much what I’m doing, they don’t share my agenda, but I respect their right to be there and express themselves because that’s what we do in this country. Why are they protesting? They didn’t like the result of the election. When you win the election you get to make policy. Winners make policy and the losers go home.”

Several protestors who got into the luncheon tried to ask questions on the loss of coal jobs and the raid in Yemen, but McConnell didn’t answer the questions and responded only by thanking them for their “speeches.”

McConnell has speeches scheduled in Louisville on Wednesday and in Covington on Thursday.

Don Weber

Don Weber is a Video Journalist for Spectrum News and covers politics and education on Pure Politics, Kentucky’s only nightly program dedicated to state politics. Don is a lifelong Kentuckian and a graduate of Northern Kentucky University. He spent many years covering sports in the Northern Kentucky area before shifting primarily to politics. You can watch Don’s work weeknights at 7:00 and 11:30 on Pure Politics, available exclusively on Spectrum News, HD Channels 403 and 715. If you have a story idea you can reach Don at



  • Heza Putz wrote on February 21, 2017 08:26 PM :

    Alison Lundergan Grimes would have been there, but she had a scheduling conflict…it was her turn to take a walk in the woods with Hillary.

  • Dee W. wrote on February 22, 2017 12:44 AM :

    LOL – this was organized by the Kentucky Dems and Daniel Lowry plays like he just happens to be there and that all of these people just showed up spontaneously and knew McConnell would be in Anderson County at that particular time, and he somehow knows where they all came from (and surprise – they’re not from Anderson County) and where they are going to be in the coming days! Apparently he didn’t notice that McConnell was re-elected by a very wide margin and that Hillary only got 33% of the vote just a few months ago.

    What a joke! I guess they have literally nothing else to do now.

  • Bubbleup wrote on February 22, 2017 06:21 AM :

    700-800? I didn’t know that there were that many Democrats left in Kentucky.

  • Geoff Young wrote on February 22, 2017 03:51 PM :

    I was one of about 90 people who got to go in & listen to McConnell. I asked this question (more or less): “About a week after being sworn in, President Trump authorized a Navy SEAL raid against a village in Yemen that killed more than 30 innocent civilians. If you know anything about international law, it was definitely terrorism & definitely an impeachable crime. It might also have been aggression, which is an even worse war crime than terrorism. Mr. McConnell, do you support the impeachment of President Trump for murdering civilians in Yemen?” He never answered. He just said, “Thank you for your speech” and stood there smirking like George W. Bush. He & Andy Barr consistently support terrorists, and that’s going to be one of my main issues when I run against Mr. Barr in 2018.

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