McConnell fires back on Grimes gun ad seeking to tie Grimes to Obama

09/16/2014 02:35 PM

Less than one day after Alison Grimes took aim at the idea that she and President Obama share an ideology — the McConnell campaign has responded to the ad saying her votes at the Democratic National Convention for Obama proves she shares a political philosophy with the Democratic president.

The McConnell ad, which uses an announcer, says that Grimes is trying to convince voters she’s not like Obama by shooting a gun.

The ad goes on to say that grimes “twice supported Obama’s platform for Obamacare, for the war on coal, for Obama’s foreign policy and ironically — for gun control.”

McConnell’s ad does not cite which votes Grimes has cast to support the ideals of Obama, but Grimes was a delegate for Obama in 2012 and a delegate for Hillary Clinton in 2008.

“Alison Lundergan Grimes thought holding a gun like Barack Obama could convince voters that she’s ‘not Barack Obama,’ but Kentuckians already know that Grimes supports Obama and would be a sure vote in favor of implementing his anti-coal, anti-gun liberal policies,” said Team Mitch spokeswoman Allison Moore.

Grimes’ campaign manager Jonathan Hurst responded to the McConnell ad in a statement Tuesday afternoon saying the fast response indicates worry over the state of the race.

“In a sign of weakness, Mitch McConnell’s campaign scurried to respond directly to our latest strong ad underscoring just how worried Mitch McConnell is seven weeks from Election Day. This dishonest attack shows how little respect McConnell has for the voters of Kentucky,” Hurst said.

“He’s throwing the entire kitchen sink at our campaign in one shallow ad, desperately hoping that Kentuckians will forget Alison is independent and has always put Kentucky first on coal, guns and the over burdensome EPA regulations. Her record and positions are clear. Mitch McConnell can’t run an honest campaign against Alison, and is now stooping to attack the straw man opponent he wishes he had.”

Nick Storm

Nick Storm is the Anchor and Managing Editor of Pure Politics available exclusively on Spectrum News. Pure Politics is the only nightly program dedicated to Kentucky politics. Nick covers all of the political heavyweights and his investigative work brings to light issues that might otherwise go unnoticed, like his coverage of the backlog of DNA rape kits waiting to be tested in Kentucky. Nick is also working on a feature length bio documentary Outlaw Poet: A documentary on Ron Whitehead. Pure Politics airs weeknight at 7 and 11:30 on Spectrum News. Follow Nick on Twitter @NStorm_Politics. Nick can be reached at 502-792-1107 or


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